Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woo Hoo! My Brotha Will Be Here Soon!!

Could we be any more excited? Here at la casa Foresee we are pumped up because we (I) am 26 weeks pregnant!! Ya know what that means, only 14 more weeks (assuming that Little Man will be making his appearance at 40 weeks). Sorry, that there will not be a full body shot, one in which you can view the whole bump action, but I have not taken one, and I am not sure if yal are really ready to see the growth that has formed on the abdomen!! I am obviously having a toddler (this is what it feels like, haha)!

Well, here are some of the pregnancy HIGHlights and LOWlights:

I am 26 weeks!

Size of baby: about 2 pounds (eggplant was the equivalent weight! Aww an eggplant)

Total weight gain/ loss: ha! yes, I have gained some poundage, the scale says 5 but my body looks 12ish! (please remember I was yakking for the first couple months (okay still am). Do not think I am starving little guy)

Does this guy have a name: For right now he is being called, New Baby Foresee, Little Man, Little Guy, My Baby (this is often high pitched). We have not settled on a name, my family has been thinking of names for the past few months. One that sticks out (thank you to Uncle Rich, my brotha) is Chainsaw Foresee, he really feels that it would jump out on a job application!!

What am I wearing: clothes! sweats and leggings with tunic tops

Gender: hello, boy!

Movement: He has been kicking since around wk 18, I am not moving fast at all!

What do I crave: sugar!! This baby will come out bouncing off the walls! Also love crunching the ice!

What am I missing: sleeping through the nights (I have pee-a-reea, constantly peeing), my perky boobs! (just kidding, I have not had those since college, okay high school!!), sleeping on my tummy.

What am I loving: feeling him move and people loving on the belly, Aron giving me constant back rubs!!

Any struggles: acid reflux, still have the morning sickness (Zofran and Phinergin help), contractions are still quiet frequent, I sometimes feel like he is falling out. Picking up Sophia.

Precious moment today: I pointed and rubbed on the belly, said baby and brother and Sophia came over and patted the belly and smiled!

Hope yal have a great day!

Love yal!


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oh i love you.